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Reduce risk in your venue so you can run your business with confidence…

Managing and running licensed premises can be a challenging role, with a huge amount of responsibility. You want to run your business successfully – keeping your venue safe and secure for your customers to enjoy. And you need to keep the licensing authorities completely  satisfied that your venue is being managed responsibly, effectively and legally.

This is where we can help…

With a friendly and approachable team of professional door supervisors, we break free of the industry’s negative stereotype. We embrace the values of customer service excellence, together with integrity and respect.

We tailor our service to the unique and individual requirements of your venue, and add further value with our unrivalled service support programme.Your door supervision service can now make a real difference to your business  and enrich your customer experience.

Now it’s time for you to experience the difference…

Pub Door Company - Leading Provider of Door Supervisors in Hampshire
Pub Door Company is an award winning provider of door supervision

About The Pub Door Company

From the outset, we were determined to provide a modern and fresh approach to security, specifically licensed door supervision. We wanted to break free from the outdated “bouncer” stereotype, so often associated with the leisure, hospitality and late night entertainment industry.   

We handpick our team of talented door supervisors, and invest in advanced certificated training. As a result, we have talented professionals able to protect venues, like yours, across the South East.

Delivering first class service is our mantra.

We’d love the chance to work with you, to add value to your business, and to demonstrate  how great security can make a truly great venue.

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You have really changed my perception of security - demonstrating true class, style and customer rapport. Never before have I experienced such great service and passion from our security staff.
— David Whitehall, Venue Manager


We will provide you with a regular team of professional door supervisors to meet and greet your customers. As a given, they will screen every customer in accordance with Challenge 25, counter narcotics policies, the local pub watch association and licensing objectives, whilst adding a touch of class and a sense of style.

We’ll integrate seamlessly with your service delivery team. By discreetly monitoring the density, dynamics and distress levels in and around your venue, we can effectively manage customer safety and  respond quickly and sensitively to any disturbance.

You can rest assured your venue and your licence is safe in secure hands. Better still, like many of our other clients, you could find your relationship with the local licensing authority and the police significantly improves, as well as enjoying better customer retention.

The Pub Door Company offer award winning door supervision

Investing in quality

Our fees demonstrate great value and are inclusive of our 24 hour duty management, compliance support and incident investigation, plus on-call assistance  from our tactical response and counter narcotics team – should there be a need.

Simple agreements

You don’t have to worry about long term commitments, unexpected clauses or price hikes. Our flexible service agreements are designed to meet the individual needs of your business. Straightforward and in plain English, the agreement outlines our responsibilities and commitment to you.

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